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Type I Transparent Coating


Type one coatings are the most commonly used for corrosion protection. These coatings leave an oil film on the protected part. A relatively hard coating that is excellent for long-term storage and protection from rough handling. Part numbers, UPC codes, etc., can be easily seen through any of the transparent Type One colors. Recommended dipping temperature for all Type One coatings is 350° F. A Transparent coating of approximately 1/16th of an inch thickness. Remains transparent when dry. Excellent corrosion resistance. Typical uses include protection of machine tools from nicks, corrosion, and moisture. Also it is used to protect sharpened edges. Available in clear, green, red, orange and blue. ...

Type II Transparent Coating

Type 2 (DS852) Transparent Coating
Has very a low oil exudation and is water clear. Strips clean leaving a very light oil residue on surface. Dipping temperature is 340°F. Available in clear, green, red and blue.
Type 2 (DS58-7) Masking - No Exudation (MIL SPEC P-23242B)
A transparent coating specially formulated for masking parts to be plated. Good stop off will not contaminate plating solutions. Very tough dry material exudes no oil. Dipping temperature is 350°F.
Type 2 (DS587-2) Transparent coating- non oil exuding
This coating is softer and more pliable than the DS587. This coating is excellent for general protective applications such as, tools, plug gages, ...
124I Bottles

Type IV Clear Transparent Coating

A transparent, rubbery coating. Contains no oil or odor. Excellent corrosion resistance. Dipping temperature is 310° (DS88K) and 360° (DS99K). Is an excellent protective coating for wood, tools, and saw blades. Protects against nicks, and scratches. This product also works exceptionally well to give extra protection against breakage of glass and will help contain breakage when it does occur.

Type Four coatings are based in a thermo-plastic rubber, which gives them their extreme resilience. These coatings are completely odor free and have no messy oil residue. They are soft and rubbery which makes them flexible and shock absorbent. Type Four coatings are the least expensive of our line of coatings. They are still excellent ...

Melting Tanks


Dip Seal's quality tanks are fabricated from stainless steel, cast aluminum, or prefabricated steel enclosed in a power coated steel jacket. Constructed for even heating The Dip Seal tanks feature thermostatic controls for constant preset working temperatures. Round and rectangular models in capacities ranging from 1 quart to 5 gallons are available, or we will fabricate a tank to meet your special needs.

Round dipping tanks with valve (DS4QTS, DS2GS, DS3GS, DS5GS) are typically used in the candle making industry. The valves are suitable for wax or materials that are viscous at 130º. The 60-300º temperature span thermostat is perfect for lower melting point materials. ...